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Many people who have completed one of our courses have said how complicated beekeeping is. It's certainly a craft that is accessible to most people, but undertaking a course before getting bees is strongly advised. A colony of bees is potentially lethal in the wrong hands. Please do not buy bees before doing some sort of training. The same goes for equipment. It is not difficult to spend a vast amount of money on beekeeping equipment, some of which may not be suitable and does suppose that on getting near a hive for the first time, you will not be put off.

We offer two types of courses. These are in addition to a longer more involved course run by our local association the Borders Beekeepers Association. The association runs a six week long course twice a year, but these are quickly booked up and we wont be running any more long courses until the autumn of 2023.

In the meantime we offer two short courses, one is a taster day which is classroom based and covers some of the basics of beekeeping a typical programme can be found here. The other type of course is a day based entirely in the apiary. This is of course highly weather dependent as it involves opening up bee hives. We also cover extracting honey and wax making as well as some of the basics of beekeeping. Bee suits are provided and there are a maximum of four people on any one course.

To book on one of our courses and to see dates, please see the shop page. It is also possible to buy a gift voucher as a gift for someone to be redeemed at a later date. The cost of the experience days and the taster days are £60 and can be purchased on line.



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