On average each hive will produce 30-40 lbs of honey each year. The start of the year sees the first of my honey which usually comes from the fruit trees in Priorwood Gardens. Later on in the spring, but depending on the weather, the next crop is usually from the oil seed rape which is grown in abundance in the Scottish Borders. This produces a very pale honey which sets very rapidly and becomes an extremely hard honey, but it tastes very sweet and is very popular.

In the late spring and early summer, the trees are some of the main producers of honey, particularly popular is the honey produced by lime trees (of which there are many in Melrose). These trees produce a very clear, pale honey which has a slight minty aftertaste.

In the late summer I usually take a couple of hives to the Borders Beekeepers Associations' heather site at Greenlawdean. Heather honey is a very strongly flavoured honey and because it is more difficult to extract, commands a higher price.

My honey is available in local shops in the Borders, but principle outlets are:

1. Why Not - Galshiels

2. Purple Plum Greengrocers

(Williamsons), Melrose

3. Rhymers Fayre Melrose

4. Tickety Boo, Melrose

5. Main Street Trading, St Boswells

The 2020 crop is now available from the door (social distancing please) and through the above retailers.

If you would like to order some 2020 honey please email me here

Honey can be collected from my house (Oakendean Lodge, Melrose, TD6 9HA). Contactless payment can be made by card or bank transfer.