Beekeeping Experience Day

Beekeeping Experience Day

A whole day spent with an experienced beekeeper learning what beekeeing is all about.


The day will be weather dependent and start at around 10 in the morning with an overview of some of the basic equipment needed for beekeeping with some discussion about the theory of beekeeping.  


We will then don beesuits (which will be provided) and head to the apiary which is situated in an adjacent field to the house. We will then look inside a hive and see the activities going on. Hopefully we will be able to spot the queen. There will be an opportunity to handle the frames of the bees and get an idea what it is like to be a hands on beekeeper. We will look for signs of disease, swarming and carry out any tasks that need to be undertaken.


We will look at how honey is processed from frame to jar and also look at some of the processes involved in making beeswax. For those who decide that they would like to go further, we will discuss next steps. 


The maximum number of attendees will be three people to give maximum opportunity to get around the hive and allow social distancing.