Spend a day with a beekeeper

Ever wondered what beekeepers get up to? Then this is the day for you. There will be a maximum of three participants and the day will be arranged to suit participants, it will also be highly weather dependent. After a brief introduction to beekeeping in the 'beekeeping shed' and familiarlisation with the various tools of the trade, and of course being kitted up in a protective beesuit, we will visit one (or more) of the beekeeper's apiaries. Depending on the time of year and jobs to be done, the visit will include opening up one or more hives and assessing the colony. If there are signs of imminent swarming then we may have to undertake a procedure to split the colony and create a new hive. If the bees have been producing honey, we may be able to take a crop of honey and if the time is right extract some honey. The day will start at 10 am in Melrose and finish at around 4 pm. As we will be on the move, participants will be asked to bring a packed lunch. Teas  and coffees will be provided.

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